Thematic Analysis Of To The Cuckoo By Wordsworth

Ni Luh Putu Juliantari, Ni Luh Putu Juliantari (2016) Thematic Analysis Of To The Cuckoo By Wordsworth. Bachelor thesis, Universitas Udayana.

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This paper entitled Thematic Analysis of To the Cuckoo by Wordsworth. It is a poem of joy and happy memories. The little song-bird, cuckoo comes to England in early spring. Wordsworth hears the twofold shout of the cuckoo and looks around but the bird is nowhere to be seen. He rejoices to hear the old familiar cry of joy that passes from hill to hill. It casts a spell over him and he is back in his childhood. It was the period of joy, wonder and innocence. In those days the songs of the cuckoo fascinated him. He wandered through greens and woods to catch a glimpse of the bird. He looked for the cuckoo in tree, bushes and in open skies. But it was never seen by the poet. Even now when he is hearing it talk to the valley, he cannot see it. He wonders whether this is a real bird or only a wandering voice. This wandering voice still makes him forget everything and enter the world of imagination. The everyday world turns into a fairyland, and he becomes a child once again full of joy and wonder. There are two main theories being adopted in this study. First is Knickerbocker who states that as the first step in understanding a poem, it is very helpful to make a paraphrase of its plain sense. The meaning of each part of the poem helps to determine the meaning of the whole poem, and in turn the whole poem helps to determine the meaning of each part. And the second is Wellek and Warren’s theory about biographical approach in term of extrinsic analysis, to find the relationship between the real life of the poets and the story they tell in their poems. This study focused on the poem itself by looking at the message within the poems. Extrinsically, this writing concerned with the life of William Wordsworth and his life affected the poem as achieved through biographical approach. Keyword : Poems, Wordsworth, Thematic Analysis

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