The Nominalizing Suffixes Found In John Green`s Novel " The Fault In Our Stars "

Ni Md. Vidia Dwi Antari , Ni Md. Vidia Dwi Antari (2016) The Nominalizing Suffixes Found In John Green`s Novel " The Fault In Our Stars ". Bachelor thesis, Universitas Udayana.

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The undergraduate thesis entitled The Nominalizing Suffixes Found in John Green’s Novel “The Fault in Our Stars”. It was focused on analyzing the derivational suffixes of noun class. The aims of this study were to identify the nominalizing suffixes and to explain their functions and meanings in the sentences. The data for this study was taken from a novel written by John Green, entitled The Fault in Our Stars, which was published in New York by Dutton Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) in 2012. The data was collected by reading the novel then the collected data was analyzed descriptively and qualitatively. The main theory adopted from Quirk (1973) regarding the affixation process. In addition to this theory, this study also used related theory proposed by Bauer (1983), the theory proposed by Katamba (1993) and the theory proposed by Frank (1972). The finding showed that there were seven class maintaining suffixes from noun class, such as suffix -hood, -ship, -er, -ism, -ist, -ess, and -ette. However, in class changing suffixes, there were nine suffixes from verb class such as: -ation, -al, -er/-or, -ment, -ure, -ant, -ion, -ing, -ence/-ance and from adjective class were suffixes -ness, -cy, -ity, -dom, and –th.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: morphology, nominalizing suffixes, derived noun
Subjects: L Education > L Education (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences > School of Education
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Date Deposited: 07 Jun 2016 24:58
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