Conceptual Metaphor in Novel Life of Pi

Putu Aldi Krisna Arsana, Putu Aldi Krisna Arsana (2016) Conceptual Metaphor in Novel Life of Pi. Bachelor thesis, Universitas Udayana.

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Metaphor is very common in daily conversation. People often used metaphor to give style in their works and to explain something abstract. But, some metaphors are often considered as non metaphor because it is very often used so that it looks like it is literal. Conceptual metaphor concerns in the change of something abstract or concrete into another concept. So, the reader can comprehend the change of the concept or understand some aspects of it or see it as entity or substance. This undergraduate thesis is entitled Conceptual Metaphors in Novel Life of Pi. The problems of study in this writing are identifying the type of conceptual metaphor and the construction of the metaphor found in this novel, and the aims of the study are to identify the type of metaphor and to explain the construction of the metaphor. The data were collected through library research with documentary method by reading and underlining the metaphor or metaphorical expression found in the source novel. The collected data were analyzed descriptively and qualitatively to determine ontological and structural types of conceptual metaphor found in this novel based on the Lakoff and Johnson Conceptual Metaphor theory written in 1980. Furthermore, Pragglejaz method is a method to identify metaphor in a discourse. It is used to identify the construction of the metaphor found in the novel. The metaphorical expression is constructed to figure out the change of the concept in the metaphor. Therefore the data can be identified accordingly. The result of the analysis shows that the types of metaphor which are structural metaphor and ontological metaphor were found and also the construction shows the change of the concept of the metaphor. The ontological metaphor consists of four sub types which are quantifying, referring, personification, and container metaphor. However, the use of the ontological type of metaphor dominated the data found in this novel because it is very common in daily conversation. It is often used to project something abstract in term of something concrete to make it easier to understand its concept. The structural metaphor is limited because it is the most complex type of metaphor.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Conceptual Metaphor, Structural Metaphor, Ontological Metaphor
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