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Combination of Modified Soybean Tempeh M-3 with Carrot Increases the Total Blood Antioxidant Capacity, Decreases 8-Hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanocine, and Skin Texture Damage in Rat Irradiated with Ultraviolet

Dr. Drs. Anak Agung Ngurah Gunawan,MT, ANAK AGUNG NGURAH GUNAWAN (2014) Combination of Modified Soybean Tempeh M-3 with Carrot Increases the Total Blood Antioxidant Capacity, Decreases 8-Hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanocine, and Skin Texture Damage in Rat Irradiated with Ultraviolet. Pure And Applied Chemical Sciences, 2. ISSN 1314-7633

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The combination of tempeh M-3 with carrots is one of the functional foods which contain bioactive compounds in the form of antioxidant that has a function as an agent scavenger to free radical caused oxidative stress following to the exposure of ultraviolet ray. The existence of radicals can increase the level of 8-hydroxy-2- dioksiguanosin and also can damage the skin texture.The aim of the research was to show the effect of combination of tempeh M-3 with carrots supplementation that can increasing blood total antioxidant capacity, reducing level 8-hydroxy-2- deoksiguanosin and skin texture damage caused ultraviolet radiation. This study was designed as the randomized post test only control group design with independent variable are (Po) 0gram tempeh M-3 and carrot. P1:1gram Tempeh-3 and carrot. P2:gram, 2gram, and 3 gram /kg BW/day. The Result showed that there was an increase of blood total antioxidant capacity in rats in the controlgroup compared with the treatment groupP1,P2and P3. The increase of total antioxidant capacity between the control group compared with the P1,P2and P3 by 5.12%; 11.26% and 14.20%, respectively and it could be categorized as a significant different (p<0.05). The increase between P1with,P2and P1 with P3 was 5.88% and 8.74% as a significant different (p>0.005). In this study, there were decreased levels of 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanocinebetweenthe control group withP1,P2and P3 that by 8.25%; 28.95%; 31.70%, respectively, While the decreased levels of 8-hidroxy-2-deoxiguanosin betweenP1,P2and P3 were 22.71%,and 25.66% and this decreasedsignificantly (p<0.05), The decrease between P2and P3 was 3.89% which isnot significant (p>0.005).Variation of tempeh M-3 with carrot supplementation reduced tissue damage that detected by immunohistochemistry technique. The decrease in the skin texture damage between the control group with P1,P2and P3 were 26.95%; 60.66%and 63.50%, respectively, while between group P1with P2and P1 with P3 were 46.09% and 49.64%.The decrease was significant (p<0.005) but for the treatments 2 and 3, there was a reduction of 60.60% and wasnot significant (P>0.05). This research concluded that supplementation with a combination of tempeh M-3 with carrot can increase the blood total antioxidant capacity, and decrease the level of 8-hidroxy-2-deoxyguanocine andskin texture damage. The supplementationof combination of tempeh M-3 with carrot 2 gram/kg BW/day result inthe maximal effect by increasing the total antioxidant capacity, decreasing the level of 8-hidroxi-2-deoxiguanosin and decreasing skin texture damage. Keywords: Tempeh M-3 with carrot, Total anti oxidan (TAC),8 hydroxy-2- dioxiguanosin, and damage to skin texture.

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