Peningkatan Hasil Tanaman Kedelai melalui Pemberian Pupuk Organik Cair Biourin dan Dosis Pupuk Fosfat

Ir. A. A. Nyoman Supadma, M.P., A. A. NYOMAN SUPADMA (2014) Peningkatan Hasil Tanaman Kedelai melalui Pemberian Pupuk Organik Cair Biourin dan Dosis Pupuk Fosfat. Agrotrop, 4. ISSN 2088-155X

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PENINGKATAN HASIL TANAMAN KEDELAI MELALUI PEMBERIAN PUPUK ORGANIK CAIR BIOURIN DAN DOSIS PUPUK FOSFAT Added of Biourine and Doses Phosphorus Fertilizer to Increase of Soybean Yield by : A.A. Nyoman Supadma, I Nyoman Puja, dan I Made Mega Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Udayana ABSTRACT The pots experiment to study the effects of combination consentration of biounine and doses phosphorus fertilizers on the yields of soybean. Experiment was conducted on green house at Pegok Denpasar, were transplanted on September, 11, 2013. The experiment used Randomized Block Design (RBD) with nine treatments, and three replications. The treatments namely : A (400 ml biourine/L water + 0 kg SP-36/ha), B (350 ml biourine/L water + 25 kg SP-36/ha), C (300 ml biourine/L water + 50 kg SP-36/ha), D (250 ml biourine/L water + 75 kg SP-36/ha), E (200 ml biourine/L water + 100 kg SP-36/ha), F (150 ml biourine/L water) + 125 kg SP-36/ha, G (100 ml biourine/L water + 150 kg SP-36/ha), H (50 ml biourine/L water + 175 kg SP-36/ha), I (0 ml biourine/L water + 200 kg SP-36/ha). The statistical analysis showed that the effects of the treatments was significant to the weight of grain dry oven, weight of grain contains 12 % water, and estimation yield of grain contains 12 % of water per hectar, but not significant to number of nodule, height of plant, weight of plant, and weight of grains post harvest. The highest yields of soybean was found on E treatment (37,30 ku/hectare), but the yields decreased an another treatments. Key words : consentration of biourine, doses fosfat, yields of soybean

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