Analisis Kerincian Data SPOT, Landsat TM, and ERS-1

Prof. Dr. Ir. I Wayan Nuarsa, M.Si., I Wayan Nuarsa (1999) Analisis Kerincian Data SPOT, Landsat TM, and ERS-1. Agritrop, 18. ISSN 0215-8620

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SPOT XS Landsat TM, and ERS-1 images are remote sensing satellite data that mostly used in Indonesia to manage resources. The third images have difference characteristic as well as image resolution such as spatial, temporal, spectral, and radiometric resolution. The objective of the research is to analyze detail level of SPOT XS, Landsat TM, and ERS-1 data in their ability to complete an information of map and to produce a suitable map scale. The capability of these images to complete the content of map decided by the ease to detect, identify, and classify an object, and the suitability of the map scale that yielded from these images referred to Doyle equation and Map National Accuracy Standard. The result of the study shows that SPOT XS image is the best to recognize an object in generally because it has the highest spatial resolution. Landsat TM is useful to distinguish variety of the object as well as the density of vegetation. It caused by high spectral resolution of the Landsat TM. However, ERS-1 more effective used to classify landscape in macro scale so that helpful in geomorphologic mapping. In other hand, SPOT XS< Landsat TM, and ERS-1 images could be used to yield the map in scale 1:50,000-100.000, 1:100,000, 1:100,000, and 1:100,000 respectively with acceptance accuracy.

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