Anak Agung Ayu Ngurah Susraini, Anak Agung Ayu Ngurah Susraini (0000) A CASE REPORT OF HETEROLOG MALIGNANT MULLERIAN MIXED TUMOR (MMMT) UTERINE CORPUS. -, -. ISSN -

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Abstract Vaginal bleeding on post menopausal women accompany with increasing uterine size often predicted as uterine corpus carcinoma which only base on clinical feature difficult to distinguish with MMMT. A case from a 85 years old post menopausal woman with chief complaint vaginal serousanguinous discharge followed by pap test, positive for adenocarsinoma, uterine USG show increasing size equal to 16-18 weeks gestation, then had total abdominal hysterectomy, the size of uterus were 15x10x8cm. On uterus dissection found cervix stenosis, atrophy of uterine corpus, there were tumor mass that had stalk on uterus wall, polypoid, one of which had hard consistency and on the others polypoid tumor mass had haemorrhagic area. Histologic examination showed endometrial atrophy, adenocarcinoma serosum papiliferum which not invasive to myometrium, tumor mass which had solid consistency consist of hyaline connective tissue, clear cells adenocarsinoma and poorly differentiated carsinoma, there were large number of invasive clear cells type inside lymphatic vessel. Sarcoma component consist of malignant spindle cells, pleomorphic, malignant rhabdomyoblast cells and cartilage tissue. p53 imunnohistochemical test revealed positive staining with strong intensity at epithelial component and partly positive at sarcoma component. Base on macroscopic and histologic findings this tumor were stadium I MMMT which had agresive behavior because of old patient, there were adenocarcinoma serosum component, clear cells and undifferentiated, lymphatic invasion, and also heterolog component consist of rhabdomyoblast and cartilage tissue. Key Words: MMMT, heterolog, uterine corpus

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