Liver histology of female rat (Rattus norvegicus) fed diet containing Calliandra leaf and Pineapple peel during gestation

NI WAYAN SUDATRI.S.Si.,M.Si, NI WAYAN SUDATRI (2016) Liver histology of female rat (Rattus norvegicus) fed diet containing Calliandra leaf and Pineapple peel during gestation. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN PHARMACY, BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY, 5. ISSN 2277 – 4688

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Calliandra calothyrsus leaf contains 17-28% protein and very potential as protein source on animal diet. However, Calliandra also contain a quite high antinutrition of condensed tannins. The addition of protease enzymes (bromelain) in the diet containing tannins was expected to overcome the negative effects of tannins. Bromelain can be obtained from the pineapple plant including the peel. This study used a completely randomized design of 4x4 factorial design. The main factor was Calliandra leaf meal substitution levels of 0, 10, 17.5 and 25% in the diet. The sub factor was pineapple peel additive levels of 0, 4.35, 8.70 and 13.05 g/rat/day (body weight 200 g). Pregnant rats were divided into 16 treatment groups and given the diet during gestation. After the birth, the mothers were sacrificed and their liver were taken to make histological preparation (paraffin method, Hematoxylin and Eosin staining). Data were statistically analyzed using SPSS. Results showed there was a significant interaction (P<0.05) between Calliandra leaves and pineapple peels on sinusoids congestion and nucleus pyknosis of hepatocyte cells. The pyknotic nuclei of hepatocyte cells had a linear increase with increase in the level of dietary calliandra leaf meal. Sinusoids congestion increased significantly only at the highest level (25%) of Calliandra in the diet. Although there was addition of pineapple peel containing bromelain protease, Calliandra leaf up to 25% in the diet still affected rat liver histology adversely when given during gestation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Calliandra leaf, pineapple peel, rat, gestation, liver histology.
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